We can be reborn, we are given choices. We are still innocent, just remembering makes it so. “Let us be very still and wait an instant” Jesus did this many times when chaos swirled around Him. He also tells us to be still an instant and go  Home into the silence and be with the Father. This is where is all happens. Rebirth, ideas, peace, love whatever we are seeking is there! The art of listening can resolve conflicts we think we have. Let us go into the silence together, holding hands,One in mind. Here we will find Salvation as One. We want the peace that God alone can give, that is what we truly desire with all our being. It is ours for the taking. Come lets love and be! 

Father, we go into the stillness and await Your coming. We love to be with You and ask to remain in your bliss for eternity. We love You so so much and do not want to miss a second of Your loving embrace. We are grateful and appreciate the Truth!

                                                                                                                                              Amen and Amen


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