There is vast unlimited abundance in our storehouse. We have been filling up vats of of good karma in the ethers only an opening of a door away. Once consciously  releasing our good the world shifts to the real world of love, kindness, prosperity. All we need do is refuse to take part in the fearful dreams we made, we can do that! We have Godlike power in our minds. This power creates worlds once we harness it and use it correctly. We are given a guide and instructions, just let our illusions be and follow the directions of the supernatural power that comes with step by step instruction pamphlet(ACIM). God is perfect and we are a part of that perfection. Brothers, life is good, peace is tranquil, love abounds, all we ever wanted is ours for the asking, GOD IS!!!!!!!!!! We love You, We love You, We love you are Lord Jesus Christ!


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