Our Father is the means as well as the end. He keeps what He created safe. We are His creation. There is nothing we can do to not remain One with God. We certainly try and wiggle around our being, yet God, our Father always protects His Children no matter what predicaments we get into. We do get into some shit, don’t we! Here is Jesus’s definition of us ” A perfect Being, all encompassing and all encompassed, nothing to add and nothing taken FROM; not born of size nor weight, nor held limits or uncertainties of ANY kind. Here do the means and the end unite as One, nor does this One have any end at all.” Unreal! thank You Jesus for enlightening us, it is so much appreciated. Let’s lay aside our the blocks that inhabit our mind. We have everything at our disposal, time to recognize who we truly are and the power that is given us by our Father. It is easy to do once we get control of our mind! Stay focused on God let any other thoughts that drift in as quickly drift right on out. That is all that we need do! Father, we decided that the free will you provided is now going to be used for only right thinking! We love You so very much!!


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