We want to see what the Holy Spirit sees. We are not helpless. We have Jesus, our Savior, He sent us our Holy Comforter who abides with us. We have the Creator of All Universes beckoning us Home. We have all the means to an end! So lets look on what the Holiest of Spirit’s lights for us. When we follow His Light we are One with God and all creation and the eternal, changeless constant joyful happiness is attained. It is ours for the taking. Lets rejoice together that this is so.We can now see what has been offered us by our Father We choose it and it is always ours. No stings attached. Lets stop the insanity, it is useless. God Himself wills us perfect happiness, really God Himself! Amazing Right? Lets stop being like babies, yes we are God’s Children now stable and able to Chose for ourselves. We can still play and have fun only make the right decisions and communicate with all we come in contact with. We can save the world. We are One and it is all Right there for us. It is time we take our rightful inheritance! PEACE TO ALL LOVE TO ALL!


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