God’s plan is simple. His innocent children (US) follow in gladness His plan of reason. His plan is executed and the door to Heaven is reopened. We have always had the key, yet were unaware of where we placed it. We have found it again and this time place it on a key ring attached to our Soul. Never to be misplaced ever again. As we insert the key instantly our madness is replaced with joy. The door swings open and our Father welcomes us back Home. We are finally there (HOME) we we have always desired and all we ever wanted. ONENESS! The Son full of power returns to His rightful abode. All I refused to accept is no longer seen. God is glorified, accepted, loved!!! We are content and now constant with the same and only love that God alone can give. We are living in bliss and thank the Father from the depths of our being. THANK YOU!!!!!


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