We are given everything. A tiny change of mind is all we need accomplish to have everything. “I AM responsible for what I see. I CHOSE the feelings I experience, and I DECIDED ON the goal I would achieve. And everything that SEEMS to happen TO me, I ASKED FOR and received as I had asked” Jesus is teaching us the power of freeing our mind and the undoing is ours to be had. It is a beautiful thing! Lets get into our Jesus Christ pose. The pose where we are ascending and light is radiating and we disappear into the Father. We know that ONE. We remember again to let God in. We remember to clear our altars and remember again to let God in! Our Faith, belief and vision gently take us Home. Home is where the heart is and the only place we most truly desire to be. We wait in the silence patiently, yet would be more than willing to go this instant. Father the ball is in Your court!!


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