We have a vision. No One who loves can judge. This sight is clear in our open mind. We love all our brothers simultaneously. We catch a glimpse of ourself and recognize we are love. We desire to be love and loving and what we desire is certainly given us. GUARANTEED! We use our vision to see the Mind Spirit in all we come in contact with. We are able to soar together with these Spirits. We leave a stream of light as we soar by letting all see we are all free. Freedom is only a decision away. Our bodies are nothing and cannot contain us. All problems are solved when seen with Christ’s vision. Our hallucinating has halted and our power is back to where it began. We are happy again and this time remain in that state. We live in the holiness of the Christ within and the world is now our oyster. It is a glorious place to abide. So together lets play, tell jokes, blow minds with love. We can do this together! The love here is abounding, yet there is still further we can take it. Now is the Time!!!!


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