Do You like what you have made of this world? We did this. Free will was given us and abused. lets get busy cleaning up our mess. We can do courses, go to seminars fuck around with all the bullshit we want. They will not make us truly happy. The One power God/Source/Creator/Love what ever we call this One and only Substance is our only way to manifest joy. It has taken us a while to understand we can create the real world. Freedom is a gift given us. Jesus is symbol of ourselves. All things done by Him, that was us. We are One and the same. He believed it. He was not a bullshitter. Stop the madness! Everything has already been arranged for us. The plan has been established. Why complicate something created by a perfect One power God/Source/Creator/Love. Relax and let the crap go. We express our thoughts here to you and offer a peaceful solution. Please except what we offer so we can also receive it. It is the only way! Be comforted our minds are One and communicate for each others benefit. Our perfect One power God/Source/Love/Creator is wholly loving and forever. The universe rests in his gentle hands in safety and in peace. His arms are open to receive us and give us love forever. We rise up and are welcomed Home! UN FUCKING REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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