We are eternal mind Spirit, meaning forever kind, infinite in patience and wholly loving created by the Creator of life, the Source of everything that lives, the Father of the Universe, and of the Universe of universes and of everything that lies beyond them. Let step back here and have this sink in and really become part of our being! Our true Father is all this and beyond. We a little speck of clay worry about what? When we are so loved by the Creator of Creation. This is a spectacular journey we are on. We take ownership of our eternal mind Spirit. We are never alone in fact the all powerful, wisdom beyond intelligence is always present not with us but inside us. We are it!!! We are bound to the glorious love of the Father Creator. All else is a joke and one with no punch line. Children of the Father, We have tickets to the comedy show of  a lifetime, where the ushers are angels and take us by the hand to our seats. Jesus is the opening act and knocks it out of the park! The Father takes His rightful place on stage and we go into hysterical bliss as not One word is spoken. We find we were always the Star in our God’s Show!




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