Once the fog and the clouds and the mayhem clear from our mind, the Holy Spirit is there as He always is and was. We were always One. We were never special nor had a past. This is it! Pure and bright! We only thought we changed. Love is changeless and eternal. This is Jesus talking here. How did we ever think we had the audacity to make a sane world. We can barely make a pot of coffee correctly. Here is an idea, God created us, Jesus will protect us, The Holy Spirit will guide us. Ok let the insanity go. This is not Joe Blow standing at a pulpit telling us this. This is the Christ within speaking to us. Saying you fucked up but no matter it was a minor mistake that can now be gloriously corrected. Do you think we should listen up? Let’s accept who we truly are. Step back , Godand the Power of God have taken their rightful place in us. As we communicate these ideas with our mighty companions we increase to the peace that is beyond description. This is what we truly desire with every fiber of our being. Praise be to God!


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