We are of One mind. There is nothing else. We must transport ourselves together into this knowledge. Our One unlimited mind is God, lets put aside all else, why wouldn’t we? Do we really believe we ever had any power apart from the Creator of all things. LUDICROUS!! We only need to be aware of our goal and we will be provided with the means. We can step back and be wholly free. Our Father rushes to His childrens will, cause it is His.It is OURSOur One mind is that of God’s and cannot be contained by any blocks we might have mistakenly put on it. We recognize these blocks were illusions of a limited mind we created. So we call on each other as ONE and return to the peace that we always desired and truly just forgot. We are there now and we can be blissfully happy cause we are God’s Son whole and perfect at ONE with our Creator. That is the Truth and there is nothing else. LETS REMEMBER THAT!!! Oh the energetic love is flowing through us now and there are no means to halt it. It just naturally flows and streams and glides and glows and we are immersed in the flow and it is ecstatic. ISN”T IT AMAZING!!


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