We in our past tense really thought we were something. When we realize are part is not as grand as we made it out to be, we should be relieved that we need do nothing. No studying, no need to understand anything, just be and release our energy to our Christ within. Release and relax! Yet we try and do what is not ours to do! It is frustrating and a massive burden on us to believe we have to figure this out. We do not. It is already done. We have built up negative and positive emotions and they block our energy flow. We just need to release all and relax. Christ is our One guide sitting at the altar of our mind,patiently waiting for us to be willing We share our Oneness now with you, whom we love and together is the only way to everlasting Peace. This is all we truly desire! We are finally prepared for perfection and it was not of our doing!!


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