We can only focus on God. Why in His name would we look to anything else. There is nothing else! Faith, focus, God. All we need do. So damn simple. Screw the shit we had adhered to. It was not real. What do I want to come of this? Love the only outcome of Truth. In our unabounding faith all problems we thought we had are solved. We made them up and they really did not exist. We are not ask to do anything just be courteous and step aside for the love to encompass us. This is something we were born to do. Lets do it!! We are awake now and the Risen Christ sits in the back of our mind and watches. We only need go there with Him and peace is ours cause it is there! Let all else we think we see rush buy and sit on Christ’s lap and be engulfed by his love. Again peace is ours cause it is truly there!


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