All we need do is rearrange our mind so there is sufficent room for our true guide and comfortor. He will do the rest! Imagine the serenity when we can relax in God with nothing to do only love. SIMPLE TRUTH! In a Holy Instant we our free and back to being ONE! In Oneness we find the peace we have sought since we began. It is glorious,One with our Creator think really think what that means. God is¬†everything. We are everything. Great joy has overcome us! This instant we chose only the Holy Spirit’s thought system and remember we are blind to all else.We receive our instructions and as always they are simple and easy to follow. This instant we are shining and glitering brilliance for all to partake in and find there way back Home. Father we are here to be truly helpful in whatever way is needed. We have abounding faith and look to You for our supply. The time is now!

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