We live in a limited insane world. This does not have to be. While we walk in the insanity whomever looks upon us should see the reflection of God shining back at them. This is who we are and our only goal. We are the limitless miracle. When we call on the power of God inside us the love needed is always maximal and given freely. Lets put aside what we think we know. We know nothing! God is and knows!! He is all powerful, always present, wisdom beyond intelligence. We should only think about joining and sharing in Him. In doing this the outcome is perfect peace. We are His instrument and play a free happy loving tune of serenity. Ah!the music is flowing we start to sway and we are filled with joy and start to harmonize with the real world. How Sweet!! We finally learn we have no problems which cannot be solved with the composer, God. The Holy Spirit is the conductor and we just need to follow His baton and become the Maestro. Practice makes perfect! We thank God that He is here, and works through us. And all His works are ours! Thank you

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