We are so very grateful the Holy Spirit interprets all things for us and waits patiently for us to make the right decision. We now know there is only changeless love that can be decided upon. We decide with the voice of eternity. This voice is full of love and the signal is as clear as a bell. We know again that Christ is within us changeless, unlimited,whole and perfect. We stay present and love overflows and we are whisked away in a rushing release. LET IT FLOW DEAR GOD, we are so ready! Your peace envelopes us, while separation is no longer relevant. We are One, has always! We are the children of Light, awake and aware. Let the games begin!! All we truly want is ours when we lay aside the world and find another. We go forth in pursuit of this world where love abounds, peace is eternal, joy is constant and happiness is perfect. Un fucking believable!!!


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