We see the effects that our taking place in the invisible realm. That is a very good thing. We are tuning in to God through the Holy Spirit. We want to be fine tuned like Jesus is and see through His vision. We decide to see His love and be blind to all else. The power of decision is our God given gift. When we use our gift to want only peace that is what we will receive. All negative thoughts we have about ourselves are undone through Christ’s vision. Remember what the body’s eyes reveal is illusion. What the Holy Spirit’s sees is reality. We who cannot even control ourselves should hardly aspire to control the invisible realm. The changing of our thought system is a constant battle, we are given the ways and means and only need to know again from whence we came. Oh, deep breaths my brothers the battle is already over and we won!! The journey to release and joy is accomplished. We needed to do nothing but remember what we forgot about who we truly are. The new dawning is here and always was. How grateful we are. We see Jesus Christ now as we look through the positive thoughts in our mind. Once again a persistent but doable and simple task. We done it already! Peace to all, Life to all, Love to all!!!


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