Dear God
We invite The Holy Spirit to remain in our mind. We know You are always there and now we are aware of this reality. We let go of the conflicted part of our mind and loves flow in ever so gently. Your will takes it’s rightful place and the fun begins again. We are Your minstrel and enjoy the games we create and are able to participate in. Why do we make things so hard? In Truth there not! Yes in the real world there is no I or me, just imagine how all those things we thought we were are no longer needed to be cared about. The burdens lift and we return to being One with the Love that has no description. This is what we most truly want: ONENESS! We are done depriving ourself of unlimited peace that is Your gift to us. You are our life and all power is Yours and we are blessed to be a part of the Whole. We love Dear God!


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