We accept Your love and not being totally consistent yet, we do our best. We totally want Your love and are not willing to let it slip through our fingers again. No, this time the lesson is learned! We have given the insanity over to the Holy Spirit our true therapist for the Sonship’s sake. You proved to us that we do not exist here and wait for eternity’s awareness. We understand we were insane in trying to do what we were not created to do. How Futile! We share all with all to finally attain Oneness. Our One and only Goal! It is ok we do not know exactly what the plan is. No Big Deal! We are assured You are right and the Second Coming is imminent. Reality is here and now. Wow! “LET THERE BE LIGHT” and That which is only Good was Created. OH MY GOD!! Our love is over flowing here take it and help us wrap it around this world. Bless You Creator!


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