Like Minds,
We all know what the answer to everything is. God is! The Holy Spirit can and will have the loudest voice when we are willing listen to His answer. IT IS TIME! We are now coworkers and more than willing to listen and do what is asked of us. Joyously we go forth as busy little beavers knowing the dams we built are releasing. OH THE FUN! We are the will of God and happiness is a stones throw.We ask the Universal giver for this and only this. In gratitude we love. We are devoted, addicted to our Oneness and knowing again we are perfect and have everything is real. THIS IS BLISS! Let’s pray together: 
We ask for the answers given us be heard. Help us listen intently to our brothers and receive the Truth we so desire. We want to return Home and will do whatever is put in front of us. We ask this through Christ our Lord!


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