In time and space we will be in spirit. We will only speak from the soul and be still No more foolish mind journeys to nothingness. Now are supply is always abundant and all are demands are fully met. We have awoken! THANK YOU JESUS!! We are wide open to the teachings of Christ and the pupil has become the Master.We identify with God’s love and offer this same love to others to be their own. Jesus we are so very grateful your patience with us as we know again your thought system. We appreciate it so very much! We choose to enter are Home and return to ONENESS! This is all we desire whole heartedly. We have trust that all the promises you made to us our true and love You eternally! We will give and give and give some more knowing the outcome is certain that in doing so we will finally have the peace that You alone can give and then give that!!!! PRAISE THE LORD! WE LOVE YOU!!

In time and space we will be in


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